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We are Steve and LeeAnn, and we are excited that you have come to take a look. Whether you are a birthparent looking at potential adoptive parents, grandparents of a potential child being placed for adoption, our family and friends come to wish us well, or another couple hoping to adopt and looking for information; we wish you well on your journey and hope that in some way, we help you find what you are looking for.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful day! -- Steve & LeeAnn

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About Us

Hi! We are so glad you came to visit!

We are Steve and LeeAnn and we are currently looking to adopt our second child. We've designed this website so that you could look around and get to know our family a little better.

Here is a little bit of information about us to get started. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We met through a mutual friend/at institute/in a singles ward (yes, all three), became best friends/fell in love, and were married for eternity in an LDS Temple. Due to problems with infertility, we were unable to have any children. We became parents through the miracle of adoption! Our daughter is a beautiful, curious, sometimes mischievous, ball of creative energy! All three of us are very excited about the prospect of another member of our family joining us through adoption again.

About Steve: Steve is a loving husband, gentle father and patient person. He is easy going, friendly and dedicated to his family and employer. He loves the fact that he gets to "play" with lasers and optics as a Holographer for his company. Before returning to civilian life, he served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, teaching Nuclear Physics to the new Sailors. He enjoys learning new things, science fiction (movies and books), gardening/landscaping, road trips, sailing, home improvement, building computers, exercise and most of all playing with his wife and daughter.

About LeeAnn: LeeAnn is a devoted wife, loving mother, and energetic person. She is creative, curious, loyal, and loves being a mother. LeeAnn has had many jobs -- her favorite out-of-the-home job was as a computer-based training author -- but thinks being a stay-at-home mom is the greatest job, yet! She enjoys reading, writing science fiction, dancing, baking, long walks/hiking, movies, crocheting/sewing, photography, gardening, vacations, visiting museums/zoos, discovering new things, and most of all laughing and having fun with her husband and daughter.

About Sunshine: To protect our daughters identity, we don't use her name on public websites, so we decided to call her Sunshine here, as she brings the light into our lives. Sunshine is an independent, energetic, curious and loving little girl. She loves other kids, playing, talking, dogs and cats, reading books, painting/coloring, riding her bike, dirt, baseball/soccer/volleyball (okay, she loves balls!), and is showing an aptitude for both art and athletics. She is very excited about the prospect of a sibling, as she loves other kids and is fascinated with babies!

We encourage you to look around, and to visit again as we continue to update this blogsite with more details about who we are, what we believe in, and how we feel about infertility and adoption.

Thanks again for visiting!

Sincerely - LeeAnn, Steve and Sunshine

Our Letter to Birth Parents

WANTED: The Newest Member of Our Crew!!!

            Prospective Applicant and Birthparents Should Desire the Following:

A Family That Has:

  • A home full of laughter, love, adventure, learning, and fun.
  • A Mom and Dad who love each other, and their children.
  • A fun and loving big sister, who thinks other kids are the best thing on earth! She also thinks adoption is awesome, because she’s adopted, too!
  • A family that will be eternally grateful for birthparents; as it is through their love, sacrifice, and difficult decisions that our family has come to be.

A Father:

  • Who’s name is Steve.
  • Is kind, patient, generous and fun!
  • Thinks the best thing in the world to do is play with his daughter.
  • Loves working on projects, such as: landscaping, gardening, home improvement, and now vegetable and fruit gardens.
  • Plays with Lasers to provide for his family.
  • Loves to: hike, camp, sail, work on home improvement projects and build things.
  • Relaxes with a good video game, movie or book.
  • Has a wife that thinks he’s the handsomest, funniest, most perfect guy on earth!

A Mother:

  • Who’s name is LeeAnn.
  • Does the best she can in everything, and is perceptive and caring of other’s needs.
  • Has a playful zest for fun and life.
  • Is the C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer) and C.O.O. (Chief of Operations) of her home.
  • Loves to: Take pictures, play games, read, work on writing her novel, and dance.
  • Relaxes with a book in her hammock, or a good movie.
  • Has a husband who thinks she is his “media naranja” (half orange) since she compliments him in such a way that together they are one.

A Big Sister:

  • Who’s nickname is Sunshine (we keep her real name private in cyber space for her safetyJ)
  • Is fiercely independent, curious, and loves talking to people.
  • Has a fantastic memory, an extensive vocabulary, and loves music, art and dancing.
  • Has enough energy to put the Energizer Bunny to shame.
  • Thinks other kids are the best thing on earth!
  • Loves cars, stuffed animals, blocks, having a book read to her, trains, and her kitchen set.
  • Also loves picnics, camping, riding her bike, dirt, playing with balls, her swing set, and chasing birds.
  • Is the light of her Mommy’s and Daddy’s life, and would love to share them with a sibling.


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We hope to hear from you soon!!!